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Bring me the heads of the stupidest stupids!

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Bringing you quality stupid since 2005!
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Stupidity, and the mocking of same
This is a community dedicated to unearthing the stupidest stupids on Livejournal. We post, we mock, and then we laugh laugh laugh!

Troll Problems? Mods not back from real life yet? Weird porn and dead bodies ruining your day? View the community through the following link to disable all html:


For something to be "stupid" it must be shown that the average person, applying contemporary community standards, would find (1) that the work appeals predominantly to "idiotic" interest; (2) that it depicts or describes stupid conduct or opinion in a patently offensive way.

"We shall not today attempt further to define the kinds of material we understand to be embraced . . . but we know it when we see it . . . "
--sayonara_snot and lord_snot

Stupid_Free is like Fandom_Wank, only we get laid. - loomissimmons

Want to join us? Have a question? New to the community? Butthurt?

You have to be a complete and utter moron to get banned from stupid_free. We utilize a hands-free style of maintaining which allows for expression of all but the stupidest and most offensive of opinions, and even those are usually well-received for their meta-mocking potential. Anyone may join, all members may post. You do not need to be a member to reply to posts, so if you feel you're too good for us, but still like to come here to argue, you may.

Post about any stupidity you find in any community on any subject as long as it was on LIVEJOURNAL. Link to specific posts made by specific users; do not post about entire communities, concepts, or issues. While there is probably lots of stupid in personal journals/ MySpace pages, we ask everyone to confine their efforts to open forums and unlocked posts in LiveJournal communities. Stay off the soap-box. Leave your personal agenda to your own journal. This is not a rant community, this is a point-and-laugh community. Because people are dumb and we like to laugh at them.

The Rules:

  • Name names.

  • Provide a brief synopsis of the stupid.

  • Provide links to your source material.

  • Do not disable, freeze, screen, or delete comments ever for any reason ever, and never ever never ever never delete posts. Delete nothing. No deletion. Deletion gets you banned.

  • No gratuitous racial slurs. Calling another user a racial slur will get you banned without warning or notice.

  • You MAY NOT comment or harass users in their personal journals. Keep the debates, mocks, and finger-pointing to this or the community of origin. IF WE DISCOVER THAT YOU HAVE POSTED OBSCENITIES, INSULTS, THREATS, ETC...IN ANYONE'S PERSONAL JOURNAL AS A RESULT OF A LINK POSTED HERE, WE WILL REPORT YOU TO THE ABUSE TEAM OURSELVES. Stay out of people's journals, and be smart about your mocking. This is a community about exposing stupidity, not engaging in it.

  • No internet vigilantism. I'm sure that the Jolly Crotchnuggets Nursery School would be intrigued to know that one of their employees just posted a rant to LJ all about how much she hates children. I'm sure that you informing said nursery school would result in a drama bomb of Hiroshima-sized proportions. It will also get you banned without warning or fanfare. So, don't do it.

  • Friends-lock or don't, it's your choice!

  • Unlocked Livejournal Community topics only.

  • Stay out of personal journals. Do not link to a personal journal entry or MySpace page in your post. Do not quote from a personal journal entry in the post or comments. Do not post photos of the snarkee in the post or comments. Do not quote personal user info in posts or comments. Any post that even approaches a TOS violation in this regard will be deleted without fanfare.

  • Spam and porn posts will be deleted without fanfare and the responsible users banned and reported.

  • Do not use the phrase or sentiment "stupid people shouldn't breed". (That's more of a pet peeve than a community rule, but don't do it anyway. It really boils lord_snot's lobster.)

  • stupid_free is not a democracy. We are power-hungry megalomaniacs attempting to conform all of LJ to our particular world view.

This community has members of all walks of life. We are not unilaterally anti-anything but stupid.

Truth be told, we like stupid because without it, we'd be forced to work and speak to our loved ones rather than waste endless hours mocking the internet.

This community's sole agenda is pointing out the stupid when we see it.

Thank you, limbik

Want to talk off-topic with your fellow stupid_free members?
Join sf_drama. All the cool kids are there (and they sometimes post nudes)!

Meet The Stupid Police!

Commissioner victoly
Lieutenant happiestsadist
Detective mengus
Officer jameth, Lulz Division
Officer bajingo, Icons Division
Officer phreakelove, Macro Division
Officer bronxelf_ag001 PWN Enforcement
Officer niki4jm
Officer jenihe80

So far The Stupid Police have no real job description. Or authority. maybe in the future, they'll hand out citations for stuff like Grievous Misuse of the English Language, Failure to Utilize Logic, and Aggravated Obtuseness. This whole "Stupid Police" thing is fairly new, and started out as a joke, so cut us some slack.

==The stupid_free Drinking Game==

Snarkee comes to stupid_free to defend self: Take a drink

Snarkee complains about stupid_free snarking to stupid_free mods: take two drinks, LOL heartily, take one more drink

Snarkee makes separate post to stupid_free telling us that we're a bunch of assholes with no lives and are OMG NOT FUNNEH: GUZZLE, and post cat macros

Snarkee files abuse report: Do a shot

Snarkee says that s/he only continues to comment because s/he's "bored"/thinks it's "funny": One drink.

Snarkee invokes Godwin's, Tubman's or ReeRee's law: Do a shot, shout "Some of my best friends are black!!!", and do another shot.

Snarkee continues to claim misinterpretation after links to quotes reveal otherwise: one sip.

Debate ensues over whether Snarkee is in fact a troll: do a shot

Original post is deleted 10 minutes after making stupid_free: take a drink.

Original poster makes a dramatic flouncy exit from original community: take a shot.

The flaming numbers of doom free web counter tell you how many people have stopped by to mock and laugh since July 11th, 2006!
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