I remember when the snark comms used to be funny, like middle school children at a lunch table. Now they've turned into Women's Studies 101, full of a bunch of angry broads with no sense of humor. It's like there's a Constantly Offended Brigade goose-stepping all over the internet, searching for someone to spark their righteous indignation. Then they can bust out one of their catch-phrases, like 'victim-blaming, ableism or rape-culture'. The latter cracks me up, like every time I hear RAEP CULTURE, it makes me picture a bunch of frat boys acting out that scene from A Clockwork Orange, with a big mob of guys running around going BOOLOOBOOLOOBOOLOOBOOLOO!!!!!!!!, then breaking into random people's houses and raping their women. Also, what is up with this new trend of 'trigger warning this and trigger warning that...'. It's something new that just started happening within the last couple months. They never used to do it back in the day, before I was banned from sf_drama and people were comfortable using the word 'retard' as an insult. It's like, I'm sorry you had something bad happen to you, but get over yourselves, seriously. There are people with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder who have fought in a fucking war, yet you don't see big mobs of angry veterans bullying people on the internet. Anyway, now that I've said what I've wanted to say, I'll leave you with a cartoon:


Animal: Appalled bunny

Racism? In MY fanficrants?

Dear fanficrants,

My original character is a black girl who is willing to call out racism and distrusts white people. So why are readers calling her racist?

One of my readers is writing a fanfic based on my fanfic, and that person is making my black character out as someone who searches for offense and constantly brings up her race. They're making her an out of character "reverse racist", and I don't like it.


The first few comments are typical--suggestion for what frank15 might say, observations that pro writers probably feel this way about fanfic, etc. Then we get to kohi_no_tora:

and is distrustful of white people

I realise that I'm risking setting off a fire storm her but from just from that description she does sound racist which might be where the misunderstanding is coming from.

Aaaaaaand they're off!

But wouldn't it be racist if she was distrustful of Asians? - dv8nation

Historical oppression does not define racism. - kohi_no_tora

No appearance from lilenth would be complete without anecdata on how POC can totally be racist! After all, she was beaten and there were HUNDREDS of witnesses...but the tape of it was lost and no charges were ever filed.

She's making a judgement and a negative judgement at that, about people based solely on their race. That's more or less the most basic definition of racism you can get. - kohi_no_tora

Why should white people be distrustful of black people?

How about because some of them think we're inherently untrustworthy simply because of the colour of our skin and not our own, personal actions?
- the ever-insightful kohi_no_tora

God, us poor, persecuted white people. We have it so hard, what with those black people experiencing racism all the damn time from white people and extrapolating it to the larger population!

She sounds racist because she is distrustful of white people. If you are distrustful of one race, you are racist towards that race. - my bb mr_effort

I'd give up if I were you, don't you know? Victim privilege means that no minority group can ever be guilty of hate, racism or any other ism even if they've just acted in a manner that would clearly be an ism if the roles were reversed. - lilenth

As a matter of fact the woman declaring men useless created another cycle of steroetyping and labeling. If she didn't do that the offended party most likely* wouldn't have had reason to call her a bitch. - drowningblonde, who seems to think that misogynistic slurs are totally justified if a woman isn't nice, and she was totally being sexist toward men anyway.

Could you please clarify what you mean by rampant misogyny in her day-to-day life?

Because if she's from Afghanistan she might have a good reason for her blatant sexist and entitled outburst.
- drowningblonde, who wants women in developed nations to know that they actually don't experience misogyny in their day-to-day lives!

MISANDRISTS! - chelonianmobile

In fact I will even go one step further and say that such an arguement [sic] [-ism = prejudice + power] is itself inherently bigoted. If stated by one from a dominant group it is condescending and paternalistic, basically saying that because of their circumstances (current or historical) aren't capable of taking full responsibility for their own action. (And frequently comes with a side order of self-loathing). - kohi_no_tora

Gee, how does it hurt an individual white person if someone is unpleasant to them irrationally?

I mean, it's not like members of the majority ever have feelings.
- mr_effort, who, in his next comment in that thread, cited the Oxford English Dictionary definition of racism. Isn't he precious? He also tosses in Also, why do you keep saying "people of color"? The term "coloured" implies that only white people are normal and anyone a different colour must have been altered somehow. It takes a special talent to conflate a currently accepted term with such an outdated one so very well! And he gets better still: And yeah, there's racism here, but like I said - less of it than usual around where I live. Probably due to there being such a low proportion of non-whites in the first place.

Edit: I can't get caps; can anyone else?
I hate you I hate you all

GDI, do I have to be the one posting real stupids around here? DX

Hi there.

Back in 2005, LJ Drama featured a story on Justine Jacobs and Damien Tullier (scroll down to 7/18/2005, "I'm hot for teacher). Justine was a student at an alternative high school in Florida and Damien was her very married teacher. Both fronted as über-Christians, but, as Criminally Vulgar put it, they spent a lot of time engaging in very un-Christian-like behavior.

So what's been happening since then? Well, it's been a busy few years for the happy couple.

Damien divorced his wife, left his kids, and married Justine.

Then Justine started teaching Sunday school. No, wait. What I meant to say was that Justine took on the pseudonym of Dawson Miller and took off pretty much everything else. Link NSFW!

Then Jesus told her to knock that shit off, so she got her hair cut like Lisa Whelchel and started a blog and a website.

And what's her hubby Damien been up to? He's been posting videos of himself singing ironically titled songs on YouTube.
Stock - "Once Upon a Time"

How not to treat people

curbbrat, in all her TL;DR glory, wants to voice her disgust with teenagers who drive around and don't wear costumes to Trick or Treat. She thinks it would be totally fair to spray them with a water hose after telling them off. After all, they didn't EARN that candy. Things get especially silly when she insists that there are ethics to trick or treating, and anyone who argues with her is a great big bully.

Oh, and for reference, here is the post where she details how her friend threatened some 9-year-olds and called them little shits. "look you little shits next time one of you cuts me off I'm going to not bail and I will run into you and then I'll throw your damn scooter in the tree".
The Origin of Love

Delicious food wank

Dateline wtf_inc.

zfiledh posts an (admittedly questionable...it's from the Daily Fail after all) article about a British mother who restricts her young daughter's caloric intake to 700 calories per day, and has been since the poor girl was all of 2. Bonus lulz are had in that the mother is a rampaging hambeast.

All is going normally, with the overwhelming majority of the community expressing shock, horror, and outrage at this atrocity.

And then in wanders zaseka, who declares that it's perfectly acceptable to put young children on restrictive diets, because her mommy did it to her. And after all, nobody likes a fattie, right?

boomstick to the rescue! See also chat_fou's remarks.

Tis a small, but potent, stupid. Much potential is yet to be unleashed however.