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Those whacky global warming nuts!

So justogo posts a Youtube clip of Penn and Teller's show to demonstrate how stupid the supporters of global warming are.

The clip asks people to sign a petition to ban dihydrogen monoxide, which is simply water vapor. Of course when I pointed out that Penn Jillette is a member of the CATO Institute (a libertarian think-tank which gets a lot of funding from the oil industry), along with a few links to a website that challenges quite a few of the tactics in this episode, writerspleasure claims

"almost every government entity, almost every media outfit, almost university - also has a conflict of interest..." concerning global warming. "in short, it's okay for "logical science" and other left-wings orgs to be biased, since big business isn't funding them. talk about marxist dronethink. pure homo economicus fallacy. they also regularly disclose their leftist agendae, funded and supported by government and educational (and some private foundational) interests.

Then he gets all fancy trying to pull the ole "tu quoque" logical fallacy on me. Please feel free to leave comments on my post there if you feel like adding your two cents worth (I don't believe you have to be a member there to leave comments).

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