Just a girl. (nimrodjess) wrote in stupid_free,
Just a girl.

Oh rating comm wankery, how I love thee

First entry, here goes nothing. :D

nonuglygeeks is a rating community for the geek-minded. When deleriumschild applied, she said something along the lines of "Don't you DARE judge me!"

To. a. rating. community.

Someone somewhere along the lines (I'd link, but the original entry has since been deleted) said HAR HAR We'll judge you. That is why you're here!

The psycho tried to say she has Body dysmorphic disorder (BDD) but then parades around saying how perfect her tits are and how she's just amazing, which NO ONE with BDD would be doing. Personally, I think she needs to take about 4 lbs of nasty off her ugly nose and stuff it in her bra and do something about her tramp makeup, like try to cover her crackhead circles under her eyes.

Anyway, deleriumschild gets all WAH WAH wankery on the whole comm, FREAKS out, makes a big wank post about how the mod is OMG MEEN and stops off, then creates a SECOND journal to be a fag again... then a third, and starts trolling the journals of all the comm memebers who call her out for being a lying psychopath. call her ugly, ect.

Here are some links IN nonuglygeeks all in reference to said wankery, which has been deleted:

Trolling other people
Moderating membership since she KEEP COMING BACK
Mods post for members to ban her BEFORE she comments, because she just doesn't STOP trolling

Link to my PERSONAL journal, which is being trolled. Feel free to go and have a good laugh.Trust me, it's at her expense.

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