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So how funny would it be if a long time, well known member of cf_hardcore apparently turns out to be a breeder? lulz for everyone. Well, not really.

A secret is posted at the site ljusersecrets about scathachqme having two children. A post at cf_hardcore is made about said secret. Members are shocked, confused, hurt, doubtful, etcetera.

scathachqme comes to say that it is her sister's gaming profile and her sister's children. They just happen to be the same age, have common interests, and use the same usernames. She also gets offended at somebody calling her nephew or son ugly. Because that never happens in cf_h.

Since the secret is grudgewank and racist(?) the only person who could have made it is karnythia. Yes, scathachqme, I'm sure nobody else has any sort of grudge against you.

People are reported for net-stalking and harassment because links were posted to her myspace and commented in her journal.

All personal information from the original gaming site has been changed and the picture on ljus has been removed, though it was originally changed to a friendly message to karnythia. Everyone agrees that it doesn't help scathachqme's case very much.

Originally posted at sf_drama, but I wanted to share the fun with more people!

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