Fighting the System with Balls (sayonara_snot) wrote in stupid_free,
Fighting the System with Balls

Apparently, our banning was completely justified!

No less than TWO mods of cf_debate along with gwynhaffar have stated that we've been warned multiple times about our trolly activities in that community.

On average, in fact, every 4-6 months!! We are like a trolling virus, on the order of herpes!

You know what, people, you can call "grudgewank" all you like - I'm calling BULLSHIT. And, I'm issuing a challenge:

Do you agree with commanderd's decision? If you do, you must also believe the allegations of the mods, that lord_snot and I have been a constant thorn in the side of cf_debate, acting up and getting warnings every 4-6 months.

So, since the mods can't seem to find any links, won't you please help them???

Find our trolling!!! Find our warnings!!! Vindicate poor, put-upon commanderd and her very un-biased, fair, non-grudgey and butthurt banning of us!!!

You guys already know our position: We comment just like everyone else, and are no more or less inflammatory or difficult than any other member of that community.

So now, all you guys in that thread talking about our multiple warnings? It's time to put up, or shut up.

ETA: Interpid LJ Journalist julieannie searched the entire 2007 archives of cf_debate and found that neither Snot made a post or left a comment in that communiy ALL year, much less received a warning!

She has also discovered that We are clean from July 2006 onward.

So, if we were causing crazy trouble in there, it would have to be between January and July 2006 - searching that period now!!!

Update:babylon_burning Searched all of 2006 and found nothing.

Looks like we're clean for 2005 too. No warnings EVER, since the time my and lord_snot's accounts were created, before the one we received two days ago. They're lying, plain and simple.

More ETA: It looks like this is going to internetscourt.
Tags: 1000 comments, 300 comments, 500 comments, 800 comments, :(((, arbitrary lj actions, bullshit stories, butt-hurt, cf_debate, commanderd, conspiracy, delicate sensibilities, epic stupid, grudge wank, grudgey-grudge-grudge, liars, lulz, mega wank, mod wank, modness show of power, never forget, righteous stupid, sayonara_snot

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