ME (ellyfialy) wrote in stupid_free,

She's not a sex-object! Really!

Hot chicks in video games. We know them. We love them. I mean, c'mon. They're hot!

But yukoasho in girlgamers wants you to know that those leather straps she pretends are a bra and thong are totally functional, girlz. (Cross posting with more responses)

And if you think otherwise, you must be one of those bra-burning, sexuality hiding feminists!


Response is initially mild counter-arguments, a little bit of agreement, and a calm sort of "I see your point, but..." Also a bit of tangential game wanking throughout. Which makes me think that everyone did what I did the first time--skim the article and not really pay attention to the actual words used.

Better summary of what's wrong with this is brought up here. A little teal deer, but basically draws together the small cries of "Actually, you're dumb" that were popping up in response to the original post.

Seriously, reading over the first post? Feels like an advertisement for these games.
"She has a short black leather skirt and a tiny white midriff, and her tight, compact build is accentuated by a healthy set of hoo-hoos."
"She even has a seductive, deep, alluring voice, and moans lustily as she feeds."
"She might come swaying seductively at you, but only because that sword of hers is slithering silently on the floor underneath."

Who talks like that?
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