d-rex-8 (seserakh) wrote in stupid_free,

the only moral plastic surgery is my plastic surgery!

tealizard thinks Kanye West's mom was so self-obsessed that it's her fault she died on the operating table. Nevermind that she's getting a reduction herself soon. Or that the late Ms. West was going in for breast reduction surgery as well, because it was probably meant to be a LIFT, no matter what anyone says. You see, she was just DYING to have that surgery, lol.

treevoir can't wait for Kanye to make an album about this!

This is not ONTD. This is wtf_inc.

Unlocked at time of posting, likely to remain unlocked.

edited to add subject line

edit 2: Look, everyone! It's yoder, come to teach us again!

edit 3: Deleted!!!! did anyone get Screencaps? At all? This is the quote I remember from her post:

"I have to say I don't blame the surgeon for this... just the self-obsessed woman."
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