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dreamtlife27 makes a gory post (NSFW) featuring a mutilated cat in wtf_inc. Apparently they forgot a NSFW tag and people got pissed.

They respond by editing with a tag and a disclaimer:

Sorry for not putting the tag up, I completely forgot about it and haven't posted/lurked the comm for a long time. Couple years ago, this community is where I learned about "crush fetishes." This is not fluffy-happy-bunny-community, and alright it's just sick and not really wtf. I posted it here because wet cats are very far from being wtf, and this was my response. So far as I had known it, the point of these posts is for you to involuntarily yell out loud "what the f---???" when seeing/hearing/reading it. This is why the horror-porn post is succesful. If the post is made of AIDS and fail then alright, it is made of AIDS and fail. Otherwise, I don't care about your whiny criticisms.

I also approve of their original warning at the top of the post:

Response to cats evade drowning post. I staunchly condemn anything like this, and am a vegetarian, so don't condemn me for posting it if you eat meat.

People are still giving him internet ageda, so he makes a quasi-flounce-post.

Unlocked at time of drama.

To summarize: dreamtlife27 gets butt-hurt that people get butt-hurt over lack of a NSFW tag, so they make a post to prove how un-butt-hurt they are and how everybody else should be strong like they are.

[ETA]: It all started here, which is a post of wet cats, which the OP identifies as "drowning cats". Apparently this is the same thing as mutilated kittens in a bathtub to dreamtlife27.

[ETA 2 electric boogaloo]: The last link I posted is really just a post filled with pictures of cats being bathed. It's rather cute, actually.

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