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The hardest job in the world - you can do it from home!

So, over in booju_mooju, magdalene74 wants to be patted on the back for being a stay-at-home-mom.

feel_real_love makes a post about a forum she's part of that is having a debate on whether being a SAHM is "the hardest job in the world" (lol).

Several people (most of them SAHMs themselves) disagree, saying that caring for the elderly, or even mothers who work and still have all the responsibilities of a SAHM have it harder.

And magdalene74 argues with every single one.

It basically all amounts to her need for recognition that she's not a "bon bon stuffing oprah watching couch weight" and even ends up in personal attack against someone who works and goes to school which obviously means; "who is really raising your child? Cause with a schedule like that, im betting it aint you." She apologizes, but continues to make it all about her and her considerable struggles to gain respect and recognition.

Edit: There are bonus lulz in her userinfo but remember not to troll, because it's not like I'm telling you to check it out or anything.
ETA: Colorbar removed. I honestly didn't think it broke the rules, all things considered, but after as many warnings, I've taken it off to comply.

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