Lord Snot: Ninja Troll (lord_snot) wrote in stupid_free,
Lord Snot: Ninja Troll

Brief pause for station identification.

Please read the rules before posting. This is sage advice no matter which community you're posting to. If you're not a frequent visitor/poster and don't have that comm's particular feelings on formatting, topics, lj-cuts, etc., it makes a lot of sense to glance over the info page to be sure that your post is going to be appropriate.

When I forget I can't make a right-turn on red in New York City, I might get pulled over. "I didn't know" or "That's a stupid rule" or "How can I be expected to remember the specific rules of every single state I visit?" does not change the fact that I did something wrong. It just pisses people off.

(Fortunately, I never get traffic tickets because I'm the possessor of an effervescent wit, not to mention devilish good looks.)

If you've made an error, take note of it, take your lumps, and move on. Or put your tail between your legs and leave the community forever. But, for the love of cookies, don't argue with everyone about it.

STOP POSTING DUMB SHIT. Thank you, carry on.


Lord Snot
Tags: lord_snot is king, mod spam

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