cygnus olor (flysparrowfly) wrote in stupid_free,
cygnus olor

Wank in an anti-creationism community? I am shocked and surprised, sir!

Over in endcreationismael88 posts a stupid, but mostly harmless poll about whether creationists should be sterilised.
Most people give equally stupid answers, but sweetretty and feralnerd ride on in to tell the masses that evolution is serious bizness.
ael88 climbs right on up on his high horse with them, and much wankery ensues. Bonus points to feralnerd for informing us all that he and his cronies have "have actively debated creationists for longer than you have sleeping without wetting the bed" and his cute mini-flounce.
No creationists have posted at this time, which is a damn shame, but we snark with what we have, I guess.

EDIT: Bonus you is a butthurt creationist! lulz from njyoder

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