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Back in the old days you used to have to skim through posts in ohnotheydidnt about Hugh Grant making out with teenagers and pictures of Britney's c-section scar to find the race and abortion wank. This was, of course, before ontd_political was born. Now every post is a gateway to serious intellectual debate about such topics as affirmative action, gay rights, and of course, giving birth control to 11-year-old middle schoolers!

Cue dantheorangeman, who expresses (in carefully constructed sentence fragments, naturally) that this is precisely the reason why conservatives have such better sex lives than liberals. YOu know it's funny. There have been many studies done and it shows conservatives have better sex than liberals. It makes sense. Maybe it's because we're not giving our bodies away at 11, having casual sex all the time, do it out of love rather than lust. I can go on and on. Thankfully, he does in fact go on and on.

No, I'm stating the liberals are allowing their kids to have sex younger and younger. This whole birth control thing proves it."

Lifestyle has EVERYTHING to do with it. When you think about it who would you rather in bed a male stripper or a business man?a PETA worker or a bodyguard?

oh and I have a question for everyone who says this is ok. So how young is too young? 5? you people make me sick.

Confusion ensues as dantheorangeman continually misses the point and admits he thought people begin to sexually mature at 30.

Now, before anyone starts thinking this is a troll, I would just like to point out that dantheorangeman is a co-founder of this community. And that's all that really needs to be said about bright future ahead of ontd_political.

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