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Racism? In my science?

Common sense and a subscription to the back issues of the American Journal of Physical Anthropology suggest it's more common than you think!

Over in thequestionclub, tylergscott links to an article on today's Independent website concerning the infamous Dr. Watson and his views on the cumulative intelligence of certain race groups. For the tealdeer crowd, Dr Watson (Nobel Prize winner for his part in discoving the molecular structure of nucleic acids - you can blame all those drawings you had to color in biology on him) has claimed, with exactly no scientific fact behind him, that "black people aren't as intelligent as white people." Bonus lolz go to his wealth of scientific data to support his claim - "people who have to deal with black employees find [that they are not equal to whites]."

(Note: this is hardly the first time Watson has said something incredibly stupid. His lecture appearances could be used as a stupid_free bingo card.)

Not surprisingly, reactions from the science community range from bewildered head-shaking to "wtf is this guy on" and some people have expressed an interest in whether scientific studies which promote bigotry could be rejected on some legal grounds. (I do not know; I flunked out of e-law school.)

But tylergscott puts the question to the esteemed faculty of TQC, saying "if it's what science says, then that's what it says." Yes. Because science, as we all know, is completely infallible, and never subjected to silly things like human bias. That's why they're so quick to have so many Laws, because nothing is ever disproved. tylergscott "ain't about to go around looking down on people because of their skin color based on this," but feels that "denying it's [sic] validity based solely on the fact that you believe all humans are equal and therefore have to be the same in every possible way is stupid, and trying to seek legal recourse against a scientist for promoting a study that appears to contradict your beliefs is even more stupid. And, as far as [he] can tell, all they're doing is reinforcing what he's saying by being so God damned stupid about the whole ordeal."

"They," I presume, means those dumb black people.

Comments range from the IAWTC^500000 and the more skeptical. One commenter suggests that perhaps if Watson wanted to be taken as anything more serious than a gassy hosebag, then that crack about the black employees was not the way to go. Our OP is conflicted:

I also agree. I thought to myself, "His opinion would be a lot more convincing without statements like that."

Then I thought about how easy it is to believe him if you walk by the quad at my college any time during the day. >_>

I just don't know, random internet people. What do you think?

I know, I know. Small stupid, and TQC is like shooting cf_hardcore fish in an ONTD barrel, but I thought I could start out small and work my way up.

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