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Not an incredibly big stupid (yet - but it has potential), but lots of little gems for your morning coffee:

Over in bad_service, silentsymphonie posts about an allegedy neglectful waitress who (almost) made them too late for a homecoming dance. This is not the stupid, per se.

The stupid comes with visionofclarity, who, as a speshulsnowflake former waitress, says,"Just because your special snowflake selves didn't plan well and had to be obnoxious enough to ask for separate checks and use a credit card for one of them as opposed, oh I don't know, getting one check and paying in cash so you could leave it on the table and go?" Bonus points for "Teenagers make crappy customers" wank.

Bonus misunderstandings of the space-time continuum here, here, and here.

And, my favorite? Waitress/Server wank!

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