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And Now For Something Completely Different...

We need something 'fresh' and 'different' in this community aside from the ol' religionwank, grudgewank, metawank, and AmendmentWank (Let me constitutionalize you it.) Let's turn back the clock to nearly a month ago! Engaging time engines...

So, DragonCon 2007 was a fairly big success this year and also marked as one of the most crowded cons ever. While 'official' numbers were about 30,000 (so as to please Mr. Fire Marshal), it's been tacitly acknowledged that about 65,000 were roaming about. Then there's the badge counterfeiting ring that was busted, the furor about 'cattle runs' that had to be introduced, and speculation of ticket caps on next year's attendance. Sounds like good grounds for lulz, ja?

But not for tonofyr. For him, this DragonCon was cooler than last year's because of metal band Twisted Tower Dire. After all, fantasy/sci-fi = metal in his book.

Choice quotes:

found DCon06 to be nothing more than International PoserGoth Circle Jerk Weekend (I had another title, but it was more... insulting, so I cooled it a bit). I spent the entirety of the weekend bored out of my skull, I had nothing to do, no band to support.

The two metal dealers in the exhibition halls also made me very happy. The year before, I found a grand total of ONE metal CD at the entire con... And that strikes me as terribly wrong. As I said, Dragoncon is a fantasy convention.... and heavy metal runs on fantasy.

So in closing. Dragoncon = fantasy/sci fi = metal. End of story. More real metal next year, please.

Oh dear.
Naturally, people disagree with him. But billzabub is the real winner with this comment.

Small, but lulzy in a chuckles kind of way.
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