Phineas Q. Butterfat (audacian) wrote in stupid_free,
Phineas Q. Butterfat

juicy_debutante: Do you pee with a tampon in during your rag?

My friends and I somehow got on this topic and I discovered most people dont change theirs everytime they pee. I dont get how though.. cause the pee like gets on the tampon.... ok im done


NSFW due to the diagram I posted of a woman's bits.


juicy_debutante: "period blood is technically pretty sanitary. Pee not so much."

si_infuria: LOLWTF. Pee comes out of the body completely sterile.

JD: ok fine. but period blood is just BLOOD. so they are both equally meh.

checkpointme:Not so. The reason you menstruate is to shed a layer of blood and other tissues from the lining of the uterus. This is why menstrual blood is of a different consistency than normal blood, because it also contains thicker tissues not typically found in the bloodstream.

JD: im a bio major. and obviously i knew that. but that doesnt make it any less sanitary than pee was my freaking point.


ETA: OK OK OK fine lots of you pee on your tampon string and find that to be unsanitary and icky for various reasons so you change it. I guess it's just something we don't talk about too much. :) That said, I think the biology major business can stand on its own.

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