Living vicariously through myself! (korean_guy_01) wrote in stupid_free,
Living vicariously through myself!

Internets, look at the bad service I received at a potential college!

Except most of the "complaints" are the fault of the poster. Unlocked at the time of posting. FYI - I'm not criticizing the whole post, just some choice nuggets. Look for some of the others.

1) Dropping out of high school - I started doing online courses which I just never completed the work for because of lack of motivation. Hence, accidentally dropping out of high school.

2) I R a snowflake - There were far, far too many people in the space and I was completely ignored by the two people at the academic upgrading station, who were talking to another woman. I stuck around for a bit, was still ignored, then went and waiting where a sign said to wait for a tour of the school. No one ever showed up. Everyone was busy and no one seemed to be organizing anything so I turned on my heel and left.

3) The Internets lacked information! - Then she tells me that the traditional high school is three classes a week between the hours of 8-5 (maybe this should be mentioned on the website?)

4) Multiplication on a Math test and no calculator? WTF? - I go ahead and write the test, acing the language part and totally bombing the math. Not entirely unexpected as it was questions like 342 x 78 or 759.2 x 0.87. Have I done these things without a calculator since I was in grade six? No I have not. I did a lot better on the more advanced math, but it still sucked because I couldn’t have a calculator

5) I waited 25 minutes Internets, at a college! - She seems to be confused and asks me to wait for a bit in order to consult a counsellor. Apparently I’m a bizarre case.

So I wait. And wait. And wait. For twenty-five minutes. I wish I were exaggerating.

6) 11th grade Math, WHAT?!! -

First of all, remember this: My story starts when I accidentally dropped out of high school three years ago before starting grade 12

She comes back and tells me, that I would have to take grade 12 Math in what they call “max-space” which is just self directed learning. If not, I’d have to do grade 11 Math over again and then go into grade 12 math. My reaction to that was: “WHAT??!!”

EDIT: Awww, bahleeted

HTML Grab - thanks chaotikablue

Screen Shots - thanks melinastar22

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