bronxelf (The NYC Chamber of Commerce in Chucks.) (bronxelf_ag001) wrote in stupid_free,
bronxelf (The NYC Chamber of Commerce in Chucks.)

"She was asking for it."

Over in bad_service, katesedgwick decides to post about her lousy haircut experience. Since it's a long entry, she kindly puts it behind a cut. Sadly for her, she entitles her post "Hair Rape" and entitles the lj-cut "I was asking for it."

The predictable explosion occurs when sweet_charade decides to call the OP out on her choice of wording. Wank occurs, with arguments mostly about the use and misuse of the English language, and the connotations of words.

However, IMO, the even bigger stupid is the post itself, in which the OP is practically handed an engraved note from the universe saying "Don't get your hair cut here, lady." and proceeds to ignore all the warnings. It's sort of like standing on the train tracks and saying it's bad service that the train hit you. Maybe, but all the warning lights, bells and whistles might have been a clue there that you summarily ignored. Maybe.
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