but the devil had no use for me either (redstar826) wrote in stupid_free,
but the devil had no use for me either

The wank that never dies

Over in feminist, idealistagain decides to resurrect the strike through/bold through/whatever the kids are calling it these days wank, and asks if "the fact that the mass deletions so far have disproportionately targeted fanfic as well as gay and lesbian content (as opposed to, say, supporting the illegal Iraq war or promoting religious-based child abuse) is only an innocent coincidence....right?"

A few folks ask for clarification and a few others disagree with the post.

idealistagain follows this up with another post chock full of tl;dr where he again claims that
the fanfic deletions are part of a right wing plot:

"They have no problem with communities like anti-feminist, they have no problem with communities that promote exploitation of workers, they have no problem with racism, sexism, and homophobia. So all of these things are OK, but anything not in compliance with the agenda of the Far Right has to be censored with a heavy hand."

This time folks really aren't amused, and there is plenty more stupid from idealistagain in the comments.
Tags: feminist, strikethrough 2007, we shall overcome

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