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first post!-plus someone gets butthurt

It’s not a massive stupid but I thought it was a bit of an irrational stupid.
Over in newyorkers , somebody wants a recommendation of a restaurant in NYC that is 'cheap, famous, and distinctly NY'.  Not really stupid in itself, but whitewatergirl  gets butthurt and the ensuing comments bring the lolz.
whitewatergirl  doesn't like the fact people are rubbishing her choice of restaurant, the fact she doesn't know where it is/got the wrong location, and the fact she is fine with eating food with mousedroppings when other people might not be, and starts getting butthurt.

She brings out a dictionary reference, personal insults, and even points out a single typo, all to 'prove her point' or somehow make the butthurt less painful.

Actually now I type it all out it's quite a miniscule stupid.  More like a wank/grudge from some person getting worked up because anonymous internet people on a community for a city with 8mil+ people didn't think much of the food place she hoo.
There are some decent replies/shut downs though.

*edit* I am having noob html problems.  Sorry!  I'm working on it.
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