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Aegion update

ETA: Just so I don't get pummeled into another incarnation by our hosts for being a dunderhead and reading the user info too fast: ban_dramafarms has been bahleeted (link to a cap of the one and only post here, and thanks to jananaphone for saving my ass on this fine evening).

Also, how many of you got this one before it went under??

Dear _____ _______ ____,

Your request to join the ban_dramafarms community has been declined. [Awwwwww..!]

Replies to this email are not sent to the community's maintainer(s). If
you would like to discuss the reasons for your request's rejection,
you will need to contact a maintainer directly.

LiveJournal.com Team

aegion and n_pacione now have one other thing in common as well: she's got her own Encyclopedia Dramatica page!!

> http://www.encyclopediadramatica.com/Aegion

Imperfect at the present time and the pics don't show up too well, but that's what wiki editing is for.

Links to most recent aegion brilliance here and here.

Have at it, and have some fun.

ETA (at 4:30 in the ayem, no less): Annnnnnnnnnd, she's finally here!! (Total mad props to whoever it was that got her out of bed for this.)

eliazar, out ridin' the drama range
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