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lol pokemons, yes, SRS BUSINESS

This stupid directly involves me, but I'm just sort of pointing and laughing at this guy going absolutely bonkers because I banned him from my community, pokewifi.


I get a lot of little retards angry at me for banning them because I don't feel like reading their shit (just check the last two pages of my friends-only post on my LJ if you don't believe me), but this here one guy takes the cake.

rkon4117 breaks a rule and I ban him since I was in a bad mood. DON'T POST MORE THAN TWICE A DAY. At the time, I had upwards to 40+ posts a day of pokemon fans doing their little wifi-trading thing, so I don't want to deal with people who post over and over and over again. Hell, it even says it at the top of the community IN BRIGHT RED LETTERS, and in the userinfo. He claims he didn't see it (wtfff?), some begging ensues, I refuse to let him back in. I think it's a done deal. For like a day, he even deleted his journal. I have no pics, therefore no proof, but I swear it happened! ;)

A few days later, I'm going through some journals waiting on my approval list to get in the community. I notice antipokewifi. LOL. I make fun of this faggotry because my members like to have a big laugh at this sort of shit. rkon4117 comes back to my journal, thanking me for mentioning his community and begging to be let in again. UM NO. After he doesn't get his way while being nice, his attitude does an about-face and he touts his maturity, etc etc. Notice how we're ARGUING OVER A POKEMON COMMUNITY ON THE INTERNET. I ban him from my personal journal after a few rounds of his shit. Eh.

Almost a MONTH LATER, he publicly calls me out on his anti- community. I didn't even notice it until yesterday, and of course, he posted again about a week after that saying I have no balls for not replying.

This is all over ME NOT LETTING HIM PLAY IN A POKEMON COMMUNITY. Good fucking god. He's supposedly over thirty (edit: OOPS, 23) fucking years old, is married, and has a daughter.

I'm going to bed and won't be responding to much of anything until the morning, so I'll probably wake up to the massive failure of this post, but eh. Maybe there'll be some good recipes. :P

Edit: Do links to my OWN personal journal count? Hrm.

Editedit: Stay out of his journal per S_F rules, you fucks.

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