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Oh Aegion, what would we do without you??

There's a new community around!


Founded by Aegion and now with a total of FOUR THREE members, ZERO posts and a tl:dr information page.

Oh joy of joys, its the stupid that keeps on giving.

Sample of the profile:

Does Livejournal allow drama farms? What are some drama farms on Livejournal?

Unfortunately, as of right now drama farms are allowed. However this could soon change. One of the purposes of this community is to convince Livejournal and Six Apart to disallow drama farms, as they fall under the definition of "harassment" which is stated as being against the Livejournal Terms of Service. We believe the best way to persuade them to get rid of the drama farm communities is through an organized email campaign to LJabuse and even the CEOs of Six Apart combined with refusal to buy or renew our paid accounts until they disallow this kind of organized harassment.

An example of a drama farm on Livejournal is stupid_free

Found by agateway  here

(edited for HTML fuckups and to give credit)

EDIT: Apparently the membership for this community is STILL open. JOIN JOIN JOIN!

Hah. If she catches on, 
ban_dramafarms will be the first community I've ever been banned from

EDIT to the nth: And I am no longer a member. Gutted. No more open membership.


For the link-phobic:
Nice try but as you've noticed I already removed your membership. :(
Tell sayonara_snot that her little community is going down. In a few months she'll be saying "sayonara" to her moderation. Haha.
Byah! <--- see this, this is my Howard Dean impression.

sayonara_snot, I hope you're quaking in your booties!

You all have my permission to reply there if you wish to. I couldn't care less.

And now we have our very own 'dramafarm' icons! here
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