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fun at useless_facts

windowpane makes a post to useless_facts saying that sequoia is the only word in the English language containing all five vowels. This may be useless, but it is not a fact, and she is immediately corrected by many a member of the community.

Initial post deleted.
New entry posted, full of whining and titled "douchebaggery."
Members beg for moderation.
Domo-kun is not pleased.

Currently unlocked.

EDIT: Oh, balls, the second post was deleted. Never fear, for I has screencaps! HTML seems to be off tonight, so they're here and here...

EDIT THE SECOND: The lovely deadlyrhythm has provided us with caps of the comments!

EDIT THE THIRD: Should that link go down, it's also here, thanks to littlelamb. And here, by itslily herself! You guys are on the ball tonight.

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