what the fuck is a (lemonsherry) wrote in stupid_free,
what the fuck is a

locklover posts in weloveit about the news reporting the 194th murder that happened in baltimore.
She thinks its stupid that the news reports murders .

Im not down playing the loss of life because SOME of the murders that happen in Bmore are horrible...but its the fact that the media is keeping track...is a little ridiculous.

Why is she posting it in weloveit you ask?. Because she finds it amusing.

idgi either.

ETA: The stupid jumps over to another post, where locklover declares in her infinite knowledge, that the families of dead drug dealers are all 'in jail or at the hicky school'.

All the shark references come from a Jaws GIF someone posted in one of her past posts of a shark with Samuel L Jackson's face. She protested that it was 'mean! lots of sharks were killed cause of that movie' and deleted all the comments, and the post.

ETA again: Pulling random statistics out of your ass? Check. Using the media who wastes time reporting murders as a source to back it up? Check.

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