I'm wearing my Freudian Slippers (tomecatti) wrote in stupid_free,
I'm wearing my Freudian Slippers

Stupid Pet Owners-Not Dunaerin!

In the recent Dunaerin post, we were linked to an entry about dunaerin not being able to keep her rats. But Dunaerin is not our victim this time!

lilenth, with apparently no Spider experience herself, declares it's evil to keep baby tarantulas in pill bottles. A tarantula raiser, kiffie politely corrects her.

Wank ensues, which follows this basic formula:

"I raise tarantulas. You're supposed to put them in pill bottles, or they panic and die."

"No, they're obviously uncomfortable in there, it's cruel to put them in the little place with no leaves!"

"No. Dude. They will all die."

"They're unhappy!"



Repeat for what really feels like several dozen comments. Lilenth refuses to listen, Kiffie refuses to give up, and when s/he finally does, lilenth still bitches.

This is my first post that isn't Grudge-wank and meta! I think congratulations are in order. No, it's my second. Fiddle-faddle and confundation.
Tags: 300 comments, armchair experts, righteous stupid, stupidpetowners
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