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happiness is not a potato

Over in coworkers_suck, the_ninja_style posts about a co-worker she suspects of stealing food -- specifically, her pregnant-lady granola bars (they have prenatal vitamins). People are amused.

Later, she posts about catching him red-handed eating another granola bar, and how he gets written up for stealing food.

dunaerin, who STILL hasn't gotten over the death of her scorpion, throws some kind of CF fit about "moo bars" and uppity pregnant ladies, and accuses the OP of being a "princess" who's just trying to get the poor guy fired. Those damn moos, with their following corporate policy and everything.

Also, deducing that a product sold in a pink wrapper is probably marketed toward women is supporting the gender hierarchy, never mind that it's true or anything.

(In part 3 of the story the n00b gets fired for pizza theft, but the drama hasn't shown up there, yet.)

EDIT: Can someone find the previous dunaerin stupid for me, about the scorpion? I think there was also another one involving her at least tangentially. Maybe we need a tag.

EDIT AGAIN: The scorpion saga, part 1 (thanks outcrazyophelia!)

MOAR EDIT: Comments deleted! BOO! On the plus side, windypoint found a great post about The World's Best Pet Owner getting rid of her rats because she didn't know they required work.

EDIT OF WIN: tokudama got screencaps! YAAAY!

HOLY SHIT: Journal deleted! I wonder if it was the shota.
Tags: 300 comments, co_workers_suck, deleted posts
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