Vanessa Bludgeons (sovegna_vos) wrote in stupid_free,
Vanessa Bludgeons

Her name is Condoleezza Rice. His name is Robert Paulsen.

Ok, so at ohnotheydidnt, someone posts an article about Mo'nique (lol) talking about reclaiming the word "nigger." Lots of what I can only assume are white people comment saying how they don't think black people should call eachother "nigger" and how they, for one, would never say it. Also, there's the predictable "if they can say it, so can we" thread. Every single comment is stupid, pretty much, so I'll just link the post.

But please look at this thread started by sakuradoll. I pretty much got my labia in a knot from laughter:

Edit: So I came back from real life to realize that sakuradoll is no more. I don't know why I had to tell you, you aren't blind and can probably see the strike through her name. But, good heavens, why? Here's hoping you come back soon, bb.

Edit Deux: notacrnflkgirl brought this to my attention:

You monsters. All she did was bring you joy and inappropriate comparisons to Harry Potter. The blood is on your hands.

Also, thequestionclub had something to say about this:

A highlight: "For one thing, if the black community as a whole wanted n****r to be a good word, wouldn't they encourage the use of it? Wouldn't it use being restricted to the black community in itself be just as racist? In all honest I don't see other races, or genders and whatnot, trying to take a negative word (spic, or chink, or fag, or cunt for example) and make it into a positive thing....I personally think it's bullshit."

Since I'm the cracker liaison to the Black community, I just received a memo from them stating that they greatly appreciate her learned insights, and her opinion on the validity of the use of the word "nigger" amongst themselves.

Oh wait, that never happened. Also, I'm gonna stop editing before this gets any more tl;dr.
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