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OK, since no one else is stepping up:

1. Thursday night a troll journal dubbed pedobears makes a post to brutal_drama claiming that she and her boyfriend just had sex -- only they role-played as the tenuous internet personae snatchbeast and yours truly, mengus.

A lot of comments. Some of which were pretty funny. Pedobears claims that she is a regular livejournal user that would be recognized if she revealed her 'true identity.'

Now deleted.

2. Early last night, pedobears makes a post to stupid_free, and gets ragged on about a heretofore unknown to me video that she apparently posted to another community in which she ties her labia in a knot(!).

Now deleted.

3. 2nd stupid_free post featuring a new 'labia dancing' video. The post is as at something like 400 comments on 4 pages.

Now deleted.

4. pedobears cross-posts the video to a few more communities, including brutal_drama and vaginapagina.

All, now deleted, of course.

5. Guilt and shame induced emo deletion of said video. Flounce post at brutal_drama. Soon followed by emo deletion of journal.


ETA: I forgot to add that even our illustrious njyoder showed up for this post, and I poorly remembered his comment: " A+ response to an A+ post.*" BEST POST EVER!

Well, we all knew you'd see a vagina someday.

*Corrected, thanks to the man himself!

Edit 2: 6. pedobears comes out of semi-retirement to lambaste us all, and reveal her combined exploits.

Now deleted, but I got a screencap this time.

7. pedobears deletes her troll manifesto, and posts yet another labia dance video.

Also deleted. Photobucket would not let me save the video, but I did screencap the best part.

p.s. Anyone else think she had a really sweet speaking voice?
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