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Over in thequestionclub, rawbery79 declares that she is too old for this shit, this shit being, well, silly internet business.

latenightdrives posts this over in tqc_drama and we all have a good hearty snark.

But wait! rawbery79 appears in the thread to espouse significant signs of butthurtiness.

First, a small stupid:

Spelling wank!

But then, the gold:
But you aren't even 20, so I wouldn't expect you to know that.">

rawbery79 proclaiming her power and righteousness because she lives in the real world.

(to which thewretchedhole tactfully responds with "
You really need a reality check. I'm surprised at 30 that you're still such a failure.")

She calls the mods of TQC hypocrites, that TQC AIM Chat killed TQC, and then proudly proclaims that we'll understand when we get to be her age.

Oh, did I mention ALL this wank was because she's pissed that loanwords told her to put a YouTube video behind a cut?

I think hersecretsmile put it best:

wahhhh wahhhh wahhhh I came into chat and went on tl;dr tangents about my pushing-retirement age boyfriend and nobody would pay any attention to me so I determined that chat sux.

If you're so old and above this, why are you still replying to people in this post? Get over it already.


Proceed with Caution, youngn's!

Edit the second: This is the same person who wanted to call the cops on kids play rap music during the day.

NEWSFLASH!: rawbery79, the Queen of Maturity, posted her bare b00bs for all the internet to see in thequestionclub

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