The second dimension is the deadliest. (tapedeck) wrote in stupid_free,
The second dimension is the deadliest.

My copypasta, let me show you it.

Over in childfree, sushi_nouveau appears to be having a few sex education issues.

I was on birth control pills for 9 years and hated it. They were particularly heavy dosage begun by a overbearing gyno and very naiveme. After years of dumping needless amounts of hormones in my system, I vowed never to take the pill again.

We also don’t use condoms,the finish ends in either blowjobs or masturbation. This means my husband has never had an orgasm inside me.


Does anyone else feel they are missing out on that close comfort of an orgasm inside each other without barriers?

Amid a bit of low key WTFing, sage advice comes in the form of suggestions about IUDs, visting Planned Parenthood, forking out $5 for a box of Trojans, etc etc etc. You know, the sensible option. This isn't what sushi_nouveau is after though, she wants to know if other people who can't be bothered to seek alternate birth control options are also all :*( that they can't sleep in the wet spot after sex and experience that sticky-thigh magic.

Being childfree, it quickly descends into cries of 'troll!', copypasta in the form of a particularly loltastic quote from sushi_nouveau's journal, those whores who trap men into a relationship, blah blah blah sdsjdhshdjskhd. I honestly can't tell who the stupid(er) one is, the OP or the immediate descent into community cannibalism.

All in all, a small yet deliciously stupid stupid. My sex educations, let me show you them.
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