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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor


Okay, let's see if I can give a better stupid this time. I thought this was SF worthy even though the arguments have died down, but I'm sure that could be fixed. Some other SFers encouraged me to post it, so...

Over at writers_guild, aptly_titled makes a post whining about "grammer" nazi's who apparently have nothing better to do than "blog and materbate. (Which makes for a very sticky keyboard)."

Doesn't seem all that stupid, right?

But then he/she makes a comment saying I do have good work it's just when people get so stuck on the grammar that they can't see anything else what does that make them. I have a right to bitch I'm an American!

Though she didn't say anything outside of the first thread, the_faery_queen is involved as well.

If this somehow doesn't qualify as stupid or something, I encourage don't, apparently, encourage the cat macros. I could always use some more. :D Edit: edited because apparently saying that is getting old.

ETA 2 for more stupid: arrowintwolakes tells aptly_titled that some people in WG are professional editors and whatnot, and stuff. How does aptly_titled respond? "Whatever that means."

ETA 3 for even more stupid:

"My boyfriend is Jewish don't even pull that shit with me." by aptly_titled

"im not a child, nor a novice, i don't want to be treated like one" by the_faery_queen
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