Vanessa Bludgeons (sovegna_vos) wrote in stupid_free,
Vanessa Bludgeons

"What, pus exploding from an orifice isn't enough to keep your attention?"

In case anyone was worried about just how many tubes there are in the series of tubes that are the internet, fear not, for they are legion. For example, there's zit_fetish (don't click if pustulence isn't your thing, I have officially warned you), which is a community for people who are really into pimples, and their many facets (you can pop them OR put Proactiv on them!)

Fortunately for those of you frail of stomach, this entry has nothing to do with that. It's actually stereobarf's plea for proper spelling and grammar:

Responses vary from thank yous to fuck yous, and there's even some intellectual discourse on whether a person who just wants to see some fucking zits, man, should care about spelling.

And there's more, but I'm seriously spent.

This is not my first stupid, and for every macro you post I will kill something you love.
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