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scientology related stupid

An LJ Scientologist (yes, they're even here) fires back on an ONTD post involving this quote from Armistead Maupin, at a recent book signing:

During the Q&A from the audience, this little nugget arose...

Audience Member: "Do you get angry about the closeted gay actors in Hollywood?"

Maupin: "...of course the Church of Scientology comes in very handy. (huge laugh from audience) It's the biggest ex gay movement in America. They catch you when you're young and confused, tell you they'll look after you, even provide you with a wife and child... Then of course you have to do what they call an audit, where you confess everything you've ever done into a tape recorder, so they've got the tapes. So once you're famous and successful you have to go along with all their nonsense about people falling into volcanoes... (pause)... then you play a woman in a movie musical, a part created by a drag queen and written by a gay man..."

Scientologist omgthumbwar lets loose a hailstorm of stupid, yelling at everyone who disagree with him/her/it. enjoy:



-edit- oh lordy lordy! me and musesong posted within seconds of each other with the same stupid! XDD an extra layer of hilarity. I'm embarrased and amused all at once.
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