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You're mean never respond to my posts again!

budgetbride just joined the community weddingplans and things are already getting a bit flouncy!

Her first post of the day was her introduction, posted in bright pink. The rules of the community state that posts must be made in the default text face, size and color. When she's reminded that she threw a mini fit about boring colorless text, but changed it.

That's not the real stupid!

She soon after makes a post advertising that she's a jewelry designer, also against the rules of the community. The post has been edited so here's a screencap. She's told that it's against the rules by lizzie and immediately goes off the deep end.

It's a small stupid right now, but it's growing and quickly!

ETA: Don't you just love it when the stupid comes to us?

ETA 2: Awww deleted! I saved the webpage unfolded if someone wants to host it. Until then you can find it without unfolded comments here.

ETA 3: Got the entire post, unfolded comments and all right here for your reading enjoyment!

ETA 4: Since we killed my geocities hosting you can find it here and here incase the first link is down.

She's also deleted her journal folks! And she's edited prior weddingplans posts Screenshot
Tags: 300 comments, butt-hurt, deleted accounts, epic stupid, modness show of power, read the rules plz, righteous stupid, snowflakes, so long cruel community, super lulz, weddingplans, welcome to the party, you stay classy
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