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Type II diabetes and science are offensive to us all

Over in Domestic Snark, yesterday's entry starts out pretty tame...a chick had insulted her mother's homemade cake, and requested recipes for fake Safeway-esque frosting, and DS has a good snicker at those who love preservative-laden foods.  Mild hilarity is had by all until messyjessy  notices that the OP of the snarked post alleges that one can get diabetes from frosting.  She points this out in the comments, and others point out that Type II diabetes exists, and can result from poor diet.  This is horribly offensive to messyjessy , who replies:

"Your comment is both rude and uncalled for. Consider this your warning.
Starting drama within the comments to entries in domestic snark is not tolerated. If you can't play nice, you'll be removed from our sandbox.
And FYI ... if you're going to be bitchy, perhaps you should make sure you're not directing it to one of the community mods."

I thought she was kidding, but now I don't think she is.  Obviously insinuating that any diet issues at all could play a role in possibly causing diabetes is horribly offensive.  And how dare you say something snarky in a snark community!


Edit: Major comment deletion in response to a "you're on stupid_free" post.  Will we never get the point that if we tell them they're on stupid free, they delete the stupid? 

I am wondering if the other mods of DS know about the comment deleting....I should probably check to see if I'm banned. 

An yes, we all want cake now.  Mmmmm...cake

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