Marvinetta (marvinetta) wrote in stupid_free,

"news: Well we really screwed this one up."

Upon seeing that the CEO of Six Apart posted to news, I immediately planned my post.
(First time poster, yay.)

Some brief, first page highlights as 1800 comments is really tl;dr.

hashire gets the FIRST! post and causes an instant kerfluffle.

anildash apologizes on behalf of people who work for LJ and gets flamed for talking to every media outlet before talking to the LJ users and generally being a douche, but a few people do seem to accept the apology... oh wait. No, seems everyone still has their panties in a bunch.

Fandom icons abound! Censorship flags are burned! Dirty words are flung about carelessly - won't something think of the children!?

And I'm too lazy too look for good stupid on page 33 of comments. Enjoy.

EDIT After nearly 3000 comments, the original post was edited to discuss "talking the press", WFI, why it took so long, will these mistakes be made again, and most importantly "where is Brad?"!!

My personal favorite line so far? "Even idiots can be right about some things." I demand an icon, or at the least a cat macro.
Tags: 300 comments, epic wank, strikethrough 2007
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