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How have I been here so long and not reported a stupid yet?

flagpoleman writes in male_dom

Women that are good and see they are inferior and submissive gender do not know how they are valueable to superior males. I do not know if they should be let to know it, for it makes women arrogant to think that they are granted power at all. Women have power in service and proper beauty. A charming woman is mighty in feminine wiles like a man is mighty in bdsm. Fat feminist dykes are laughing stocks. They want power like women have in beautiful natural submission but dykes and bitches gave up their power because they are feminists. It is pathetic and funny and sad. I will make this post public for I wish that others might speak what they think of female power and how feminists took it away. I would like to hear also how you think on telling women of their natural power by submitting. These words arw xposted from my personal journal.

Edit: There are many roleplayers in our community. It is to be expected, is it not, for the web is large. I now have questions for the women who have commented. Why do you think that it is hard to give up the folly of feminism? Do you fear real slavery to your owner? Is it so rare to be a true man and master of a true slave and woman that to be a true master who does not make light of his beliefs is worthy of only a troll?

People are understandably rather upset. Lots of attacks on peoples masculinity and some bonus cat macros! This stupid has everything!
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