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*sniff* Do I detect a whiff of irony?

For the new among us, and for those who have lives and don't remember crap like past stupid on teh intarwebs, allow me to re-introduce you to the_faery_queen:

Exhibit A In which she tl;drs about the childfree being OMGOPRESSED and murders the English language.

Exhibit B In which she tl;drs about um...something to do with sexual icons...and um...For The Children...and murders the English language. (Links to the stupid_free post because the original is locked.)

Exhibit C In which she tl;drs about god knows what, but it has something to do with how she's a a feminist and women have ugly bodies and it would be better if they were men, and murders the English language. (Are we noticing a pattern?)

So today as I browsed thesims2 I couldn't help but lol as I noticed this response to "What is your "aspiration" in real life?":

If the_faery_queen were a Sim, she'd have a knowledge aspiration. (And would murder the English language.)

No wank in the comments, and I doubt there will be since thesims2 is pretty well-behaved, but I thought members here would appreciate the hilarity of the concept.

(Explanation for the non-Sim obsessed: In The Sims 2, sim people have life aspirations which determine the kinds of things they like to do and the type of sim they are - Knowledge sims want to look through telescopes, study, become scientists and doctors, explore the unknown and learn as much as they can before they die. I guarantee you if they were to write, they would spell things correctly. No really, does anybody else smell irony? Because otherwise I think I left the oven on...)

I mean if you think about it she must be a knowledge sim. After all, she is far more intellegenent than any of us.
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