Fighting the System with Balls (sayonara_snot) wrote in stupid_free,
Fighting the System with Balls

Meta-META Stupid Time, Guys

I know how much you guys love racism Stupid. I mean, nothing brings this community together in a spirit of kindness, understanding, and brotherhood quite like it.

So, I bring you coflower, and her ardent wish for a "life-tan" like the one karnythia sports every day.

"I realized while typing this up that I do remember that you have the life tan I wish I had sometimes."

Because, didn't you know, that's all being Black means - that you got a perma-tan! It's so freaking awesome!

Don't get me wrong - I too wish I had more sun protection and could wait until after age 50 before sporting wrinkles. But I just want that in general. I'm not so retarded that I also want to be discriminated against every day of my fucking life, as well.

It is SO insulting to, as a white person, tell a black person that you wish you were black for the "benefits".

You know, I'm glad I'm not black. Because if I were, I'd be in jail for trying to kill white people who said this shit to me.

How do you say something like that - to anyone - without involuntarily slapping yourself in the face???

coflower - How about, when replying to this post, you take a five-minute breather before embarking on a tl;dr rambling piece of nonsense that doesn't even address any points made, and just think about things. Sit. and think. Then reply. Succinctly. Please, for the love of God, succinctly.
Tags: 300 comments, 500 comments, coflower, life tans, meta, meta meta meta stupid, meta stupid, racism, stop embarrassing me, stupid white people, welcome to the party
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