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Comrade Catnik

Since you broached the topic here I am going to be honest...

Over in fatshionista, meestagoat posts a reflective piece about her experiences as an "inbetweenie" (A small-end plus-sized girl/upper-end standard size, for the uninitiated.) The bulk of the early responses are of the standard agreeable variety, as to be expected from such a post.

But wait! Drama rears its head shortly for, what ho! meestagoat is not fat enough to know the -suffering- and the -trials- of being a lardy lady, and, by gum, heywagonsmom is going to educate her.

"The following is not trying to personally invalidate your experience of fattness it is how I feel:

I saw your pictures and I would have never identified you as fat if I passed you on the street. I do not feel a sense of community with people who are a size 12/14. A size 12/14 is now the national average. You may have a hard time finding clothing that fits right but that is not new to women anywhere any size. You can at the very least find clothing that is too big. I am honestly sick of hearing inbetweenies whine about how hard they have it. So for now I rant about it other places but since you broached the topic here I am going to be honest.

Of course, when she's told that nobody else sees a plague of whining skinny-fat girls in the fatshionista ranks, it becomes imperative that she defend her position. And defend she does - replying with a series of run-on sentences about the Ebils of comparing oppressions, and out-of-context quotes from various parts of the archives. Apparently, she'd just been waiting for an excuse to open up the warchest.
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