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Paging Dr Ljs...this time, apparently, some sex ed is needed.

Meet babyfootprints, she is pregnant, and has recently been told she has an STD. For some reason, she thinks the incubation period could be a year, and of course it's not her husband because she knows EXACTLY where that man is every second of the day. Someone else also chimes in saying she has no clue where she got her's from either, because the bf hadn't been with anyone in 8 years, and she was always protected...well, except for when she concieved, of course.

A minor lulz found in pregnant that was open as of this posting.

Text under cut.

*oh yea, I realize you can get false positives...but that's kinda unlikely.

Found here:

Kind of gross...sorry
OK, I don't even want to admit this in public but since you guys don't really know me and I can't find the information I am looking for...My doctor called me today, and tells me that i have clamydia, and i have to come in to get antibiotics...ok, I have only ever been with 3 people, one like 8 years ago one about 3 years ago and my hubby. All using protection except my hubby obviously since I am pregnant. Now, I was tested for std's when I was pregnant with my son (he is 13 months)and was negative. I want to know how the hell I could have clamydia with this pregnancy and not my previous...I would think it doesn't take a year to show up and my husband has NEVER had sex with anyone other than me, ever...not even before we got together. What the hell is going on? Could they have switched my test results with someone elses accidentally? I am just FREAKING OUT right now. I am going to the doctor tomorrow at 8am but I just can't wait until then, I need some opinions. Please help!
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