Jenn (kickthehobbit) wrote in stupid_free,

offonthehorizon doesn't see what's wrong with Tim Hardaway's homophobic interview.

"If the man doesn't like gays, he doesn't like gays. He believes it's wrong. I can understand that, even if I don't agree with it. He has a right not to like homosexuality, as long as he isn't doing anything harmful to gays, it's his right.

And no, harmful does not mean speaking out against homosexuals, he isn't going to sway anyone on to his side who wasn't there."

Comparisons to racism, arguments over free speech, and pleas for someone to please think of the children!!!11 abound, with stupid mainly provided by petshopboy1983.

And, oh yeah. Don't forget. Hating gay people does not mean you're homophobic, and gays just want to be treated like everyone else, not like pussies.

wtf_inc isn't the place for intelligent discourse, but seriously.
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