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So, in the latest ljsecret post, there is a rather inflammatory secret about fat people.

On the second page of comments, someone anonymously replies, "YES! Me too. Except don't burn them, instead make them cycle on bikes or something to generate the electricity and then let them leave when they have lost all the weight." (Warning - the post is picture-heavy and not dial-up friendly!) The wankery explodes.

Amusing: (Anonymous)
2007-02-17 12:59 am UTC (link) Track This
(OP)No it's a waste of energy. I just don't understand how someone could want to be fat, or even like to be fat. It's just beyond me. Why would anyone want to do that to their bodies?

2007-02-17 01:03 am UTC (link) Track This
Excuse me? You think people want to be fat? You think people like to be fat?

You do realize that there are diseases & problems that keeps people from losing weight, correct? I, myself, have PCOS, which hinders me from losing weight.

There's also diabetes, thyroid disorders, and many other things.

So, really, shut the fuck up. Feel free to think that way, but make sure you know the facts before you judge like that.

2007-02-17 01:08 am UTC (link) Track This
(OP) Don't go shouting at me. I did say that I didn't understand why someone would want to be like that or would like to be like that. And yes I am aware of differnt problems but still. For the majority out there it was their upbringing that brought the problem along and it is that persons choice to not even try to do anything about it.
And just to clarify before everone starts calling me a cruel cunt again. I do not believe that any one should be made to generate power in that way. All I was saying is that the thought has crossed my mind. I also knew it was going to hurt people by saying it but it was mine to say just as it is yours to say things right back at me about it.
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