Abnormally Attracted To Sin (emtqueen85) wrote in stupid_free,
Abnormally Attracted To Sin

More ONTD Stupid!

warmplay disagrees with Tim Hardaway's homophobic rant. But the very next words are that homosexuality is "gross and shit."

His comment is understandably attacked. To clarify, he compares homosexuality to vomit. And that anal sex is unsanitary. Others quickly point out that oral sex and good ol' vanilla ice cream vaginal sex are just as unsanitary.

Then he starts playing victim, saying that "OMG gay men can say that titties and vaginas are gross, but I say that I don't like balls slapping up against man ass and I'm called homophobic?????"

There's more win in that thread, including the assumption that the homophobic Needs A Warm Ass Play is from the South. Because nobody above the Mason-Dixon line are racists, bigots, or homophobics.

ETA: In case you would like context.

ETA, The Sequel: And he keeps trying to justify his views. I did not know that the penis goes into the uterus during sex. Did you?
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