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Not-So-Secret Internet Fatty

Today's stupid/WTF post comes to us courtesy of too_much_info. wings_unfurling posts an entry about how she's large and in charge in the bedroom... or something like that. And to show how considerate she is, she puts the tale behind a cut that says, "may not be work safe". And why wouldn't this tale be work safe? Not because of the entry's content. Nooooo. It might be because SHE TYPED THE WHOLE DAMN THING IN ALL CAPS!!!1!1!.

Immediately, commenters come forward to tell her that the post is in the wrong place and to be somewhat snarky/sarcastic. Predictably, she becomes a bit defensive. She gets called a troll once or twice too... but I don't think she is.

It's a mild one, I'll admit. I'm just killing time until my other half gets home.

ETA: I found what set her off on the little tirade. Caps here.

ETA2: She added a flounce edit to the post after I posted this. And the mod stepped in lulz. Thanks theblackdragon!
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