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You know when they start off with "I probably shouldn't do this but I'm going to anyway," it's just bound to be stupid.

The civil war is OVER, people! Stop playing the race card! If (black) people would just stop making racism an issue, it wouldn't BE an issue!

Edit: Awww! BALEETED!

Here's the text:

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@ 2007-01-31 10:35:00
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I probably shouldn't do this but I'm going to anyway. Because it's something that bothers me greatly.

Every human being involved in the Civil War is dead. The Civil Rights movement has taken extraordinary leaps and bounds since the 60's.

So tell me why there are 23 year old punks out there that continue to play the race card? They've got it better than ANYONE before them has. But what I've noticed is that they continue to use this as an excuse for not bettering themselves and want people to hand them everything on a silver platter because of their skin color.

Anyone else experience this?

Edit: Ok I didn't explain this well. Basically what I'm trying to say is that the "white people" I know and come across in life couldn't care less if you're white, black, purple, yellow, orange or blue. But if they were to, God forbid, deny a black person something, it's AUTOMATICALLY a race issue.

Whatever happened to jobs alloted based on experience and education and the best man for the job instead of Affirmative Action and quotas. I realize it was necessary back then, but is it still today? How about the fact that you shat away your opportunity for an education when it was free and chose to be lazy and a bad communicator and therefore are unattractive to employers.

I mean, it's 2007 for crying out loud, it's not an issue unless the person makes it an issue.

If we stop making it an issue, then it wouldn't be. Don't you understand?
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