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In childfree missravenx decides to go completely off topic and leaves this comment:


WTF? Ok, I just found out I'm pregnant a few weeks ago and have always wanted to be childfree. (BIG SURPRISE since my boyfriend was on female hormones for 10 months.) But I've decided that I will keep it though since it's kind of an interesting experiment to see what's happening to my body. But I will never be one of those Moos that change my journal to baaayyybeeee mode. EWWWW. I might take a picture for myself but I really have no desire to since I think babies are gross and ugly so why take pictures of them?

That and I think it'll be nice to have a little person around to do my cleaning for me and fortunately I won't ever touch a stinky diaper since my boyfriend said he'd do it!

And yeah I know about abortion but I hate doctors so I'm not gonna go to any even to get this thing out of me. (I plan on an unassisted home birth without going to any doctors for prenatal or anything silly like that.)

Oh and I've been in this community for a while but don't post or comment often so if you guys can be nice to me about my decision to have this "experiment" I'd appreciate it since I totally respect the childfree lifestyle and was totally prepared to have one... it just didn't happen that way for me. And I'd rather stay in this community since I still boggle at all the annoying moos I see around. For example I was at Whole Foods Market (where my boyfriend works) and there was this annoying as hell little girl going la la la la VERY LOUDLY over and OVER AND OVER and the stupid Moo was just ignoring the kid. I said loudly, "Ugh, that noise is horrible, won't someone shut that kid up?!" If they had been in the same aisle as me after a while (you could hear the brat all through the store) I would have gone up to that kid and told it to shut up and told the Moo to keep her stupid brat from annoying the rest of the store.

Also, I hate the way most mothers act. Hell, I won't even let my baby call me mom or whatever, she'll call me by my NAME.
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