Meg (slaneyder) wrote in stupid_free,

Stupidity in the Making

Over at The Question Club, neongreenleaf asks the community What's your favorite Helen Keller joke?

pageless doesn't know who Helen Keller is, and asks the thread. She explains why; she's Canadian (from a small town), and Helen is primarily an American historical figure. The OP asks if she graduated from the third grade, carlyrq thinks this is a lame excuse, as she is also Canadian, and seethecradle asks if it's rykani's town's fault that she's ugly and 'bad at done grammar' as well. Seethecradle then takes offense at being called a troll.

As it stands, it's rapidly turning into a wank about education and English grammar.

And at the end of it all is a completely and entirely unrelated rant about racism and "You People."

Stay tuned.
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